Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Simple Holidays: The Ultimate Oxymoron

Perhaps this holiday season seemed especially busy given that our last Christmas was spent by ourselves in Prague. We visited PA and spent Christmas morning watching little pumpkin open gifts...everyone's gifts. She was perfectly content to stop opening gifts after her first toy--An old school Barbie, but the present blitz continued with a guitar, a doll house, bath toys, a tent (that was me), clothes, furry cat, games, and more that I may have repressed. I really enjoyed visiting with my sisters and extended family whom I see very rarely. My mom is still residing in little-pumpkin land, but she came back down after little pumpkin went to her dad's. We played Trivial Pursuit (sis and I got our butts kicked), and then Pictionary (sis and I kicked butt!). My sissies liked their German hats, and mom and dad liked their German jackets! I do love giving good presents :)

Christmas with hubby's parents was simpler. Just the four of us eating Christmas dinner followed by egg nog and ice cream. Oh, the holidays :)

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