Friday, December 3, 2010

Yoga Groove

Hubby is playing video games, eating meat, and drinking beer with a buddy tonight. So, I took a class called Yoga Groove tonight, primarily because the cost was the donation of a canned good. It was an awesome class. On the top floor of an historic townhouse, the classroom contained floor to ceiling windows overlooking the lights of the businesses along the creek. I chatted with the only guy in the class who was very well traveled, especially for someone whose occupation is a house-painter.

The class was taught by a sweet-voiced young Italian girl. It started out like any other class; however, the last 20 minutes were spent dancing. First slowly, then the music grew louder and faster as did our movements. Everyone really got into it, with the exception of one woman who jsut wasn't ready to let go. I thought that it felt great. I left energized, refreshed, and calm. Trying to carry the lessons I learned in that class will be a continual challenge because it opposes the habits that I've used (structure, logic, control) to get to where I am.

Oh, I should also note that I ate turkey bacon today. I was in TJs, saw it, and could think of nothing else.

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