Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pan Predicament

My sister asked me for a Christmas list.
I've been wanting new, high quality cookware but I hadn't taken the time to research and review the best, healthy options.

So, because I am obsessive with research, I spent the evening scouring reviews of healthy cookware to find that La Creuset's enameled cast iron skillets are the best for cooking without sticking and without the potential for later acquisition of Alzheimers from aluminum or a rare disease from Teflon. Now, the European me says, "Go for it. It will last forever." The US me is lured by the "better deals" and the "more is better mentality" which offer 6 stainless pans for the same price as my one, beloved La Creuset cookware.

I pulled the trigger, and sent my sis the link to La Crueset.
European quality: 1
American consumerism: 0

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