Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend Round Up

This weekend we rounded up
- a brand new pedestal sink and a Moen faucet for a grand total of $85 (thanks to Howard for bargaining with me)
- casual visits with our soon to be neighbors
- a scouting trip to Second Chance in Baltimore (and a 30 minute detour because we got lost)
- granite countertop (Kashmir White or Bianco Romano)
- plans to see the next MET show with soon to be neighbors and realtor and her Swedish beau
- gifts for the niece and nephews (since when do Legos cost $75??? and no, nephew, you aren't getting those)
- a free yoga class
- a trip to Wegman's (hummus, oh how I've missed you)
- Trader Joes cheap (and might tasty) wine
- a new friend
- several downtown walks
- a repaired floor board in the stairs of the rental (Hubby is uber-relieved)
- coffee from Hubby's new favorite place, The Frederick Coffee Company
- window peering as we passed Volt
- an awesome Alaskan salmon and fresh asparagus dinner

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