Thursday, November 4, 2010

Martha Stewart vs. Common Sense

Costco...the seeming antithesis of simplicity. However, I am very thrifty and Costco has some great deals. The problem is that I turned into Martha Stewart as soon as my trendy German boots struck the concrete warehouse floor. First I saw the giant bag of fresh cranberries. Visions of cranberry sauce and cranberry/squash/walnut hand-crafted original recipes and cranberry garland hung around my door danced through my head, forcing my hand to place the ginormous bag of cranberries into my oversized card. That was two days ago, and I still haven't decided what, exactly, I will do with the cranberries. I did drop one on the floor and my cat rather enjoyed batting it around. But, I can find better uses, I'm sure. I did find many good, practical, deals after Martha vacated my sensibilities. Wild caught frozen Alaskan salmon for less than TJs price, raw walnuts, free range omega 3 eggs, fresh green beans, blueberries and strawberries. Yum. Great ideas, and I was proud as punch driving home with my treasures until I realized: 1) I live in a tiny apartment with zero storage and 2) The tiny apartment with zero storage is on the second floor with parking about 100 yards away and 4 locked doors to navigate with arms filled with aforementioned heavy and frozen treasures. Ah, life lessons :)

As I write about wanting to live simply, things seemed to churn into a furious chaotic whirl, at least that's how I felt. Hubby visited our rental property and returned with a hefty list of needed repairs. I set about calling to schedule those today. Those of you who know me know my disdain for those types of chores, but I will grow by doing so. We are still waiting for the contractors to provide their quotes on our place, so that we can choose one and close on our property. The Eastern-European accented German taxi driver has yet to send me the receipt for the ride to the airport last week despite my persistent, some might say nagging, calls and emails. The folder containing all of the documents for our shipped car went missing, and I ate way too much chocolate, cheese, and wine yesterday.

On the upside, I've spent more time in the house this week, taking pictures for the MHT tax credit application, which is proving to be quite a bear of a process, and I've met with subcontractors onsite. I like it. I think it will serve us well. I've enjoyed walking to and from the house. People have been so friendly, or perhaps that is normal and my recent frame of reference (Germans who don't smile at anyone...ever) is a bit skewed. Nevertheless, I'm happy to be in a friendly place again.

Now, I'm off to community yoga to practice balance (literally and figuratively)!

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