Sunday, November 28, 2010

Turkey Birthday Weekend

I was disappointed this weekend. Hubby and I argued on my birthday morning. Then we drove about 5.5 hours to my parents (a ride that should've taken 4 hours). No one sang happy birthday to me, and I didn't get any gifts or cards. Thanksgiving was a blur of preparing food, eating food, and my sister's unfortunate soon-to-be ex-husband drama. I ate too much. The highlight of the day, and the weekend, for that matter, was my 2 year old neice saying, "Happy Birfday!" I really just wanted someone to sing happy birthday to me. I was actually shocked that mom didn't make a cake. She usually goes over the top. We ventured out with my mom and sister to get buys at Walmart at midnight on the approaching black Friday. Two words: never again. Yikes!

Hubby and I drove back Friday night after spending a day with my mom, sis, and niece. Again, lots of time on the road. The remainder of the weekend was spent shopping for house items (we got a great deal on two pendant lights for the kitchen) and Christmas items (since when does a plastic Fischer Price tv and dog coast $23 plus shipping?), eating leftovers, and not getting along with Hubby. I think that the last item might have something to do with the close quarters in which we've been living.

We did get to eat birthday sushi today while watching the Ravens game. So, that helped a bit. I feel a bit agitated. Urgh. Hopefully, the week will be better.


  1. *Too bad...the soon to be ex probably had everyone distracted.

    *What is a pendant light? Germany is outlawing incandescent bulbs next year.

    *I ordered the World's Healthiest Foods for Kent for Christmas, so I'll send photos as we shrink. :)

    *I just enjoyed two wonderful girl-trips back to I'll send the joy via cyberspace :)

    *KG coming back from leave tomorrow. yay

  2. Thanks for your comments!
    This is a pendant light: