Monday, March 7, 2011

Small Town Living

Friday we had dinner with our soon-to-be neighbors. I feel that having good neighbors makes a huge difference in domestic enjoyment, and I'm glad to have good neighbors. Our dinner conversation revealed that we are indeed living in a small town. They knew people who we knew...interesting.

Matt and I went for a walk in Reston Saturday morning. We always have good talks while we walk, and this time was no exception. We walked around Lake Ann through my favorite community, Waterview Cluster. These are a group of townhomes on or near the lake, designed in the mid 1960s. They are filled with windows and light. So beautiful. I definitely had house and neighborhood envy, making me second-guess our choice for Frederick. That was all for naught, because after volunteering at the tea shop downtown, walking though Baker Park, and standing at the bottom of the tower as the bells chimed, I was happy to be in Frederick.

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  1. We might just jump a plane right now! Sounds dreamy.