Monday, February 21, 2011

Half Full

I knew I probably shouldn't have eaten almond butter, but I missed it. So, I did. And I paid...with stomach pains all weekend. Nevertheless, the stomach issue didn't stop me from volunteering at the local tea shop...Voila I loved it! It was a bit overwhelming...260 teas, and I haven't used a cash register since my pizza shop days! Then, hubby and I drove to Catonsville for a lovely, delicious dinner with a co-worker and her husband.

Sunday, I really wasn't feeling well, so I was confined to our tiny apartment. Matt painted at the house while I franticaly researched paint colors. Behr paint was 25% off...what a deal...but I had been dragging my feet making a decision (those of you who know me know my inherent and genetic difficulty with decisions) about the colors for the house because it was just too overwhelming. The deal was for three days...Saturday through Monday, so being the thrifty shopper that I am, I had to act. My pain prevented painting and fun activities like hiking, but on the upside I was forced to choose colors. I am a simple gal, and if it were up to me, I'd love to live in all white, but hubby is a bit more traditional. So, after many, many, many visits to paint websites, design websites (thank you apartment therapy, decorpad, and many blogs), I decided on....drumroll please...Benjamin Moore's Edgecomb Gray for the main areas of the house

And Decorator's White for the Master and my office

We went to Home Depot last night to pick up our paint. I waited nervously as our paint mixologist (very PC) prompted the computerized paint system to deposit red, yellow, and brown into our white paint cans. After the stirring/shaking machine did its thing, the paint mixologist, reached in to the can and placed a dab of the Edgecomb Gray on the was love at first sight. I was so pleased and had no hint of painter's remorse...let's just hope that it looks that good on the walls :)

I felt like crap this half empty. Feeling like crap forced me to stay home and make paint choices for our half full.

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  1. You have an office in your new house? Did you get a cow bell for luck and success? We can send you a big one Kent found in Schweiz. An old Frau said they kept them in the study so in the winter the bell can be taken to the window to ring to cheer the cross country skiier's we hope you see some cross country skiiers in your new house! ROFL