Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend in town

Living local. Highlights:
1. Scored Italian marble at remnant prices for vanities
2. Saw our contractor's beautiful wine racks at a local coffee shop...The Main Cup From there, Matt dropped me at the tea shop where I worked for the afternoon and evening. I met lots of people during the Egg-Stravagana themed First Saturday. People from Emmitsburg, Winchester, DC, Rockville, England, and plenty of locals enjoyed shopping for delicious teas and tea-wares.

After a brief but solid night's sleep, I scrubbed the apartment and then we went to brunch at Firestones with some new friends. The food was decent but not stellar and not worth the price. Then, on to Westminster to the Tractor Supply Store...leave it to me to find cute, european boots at Tractor Supply :) Sadly, I left them behind. But, we had a lovely visit with the in-laws who were in both good health and good spirits. Now, shrimp stir-fry with the new spices that M's dad couldn't wait to give him.

Day #3 of Paleo eating has been good, although beyond feeling more balanced for a few hours during the first day, I haven't noticed any other benefits...I'm trying to be patient.

1 comment:

  1. Very cool! We can't wait to see your new house.

    We are three days from authentic Paella :)

    ~Salubriousness to the happy homeowners